10+ Most Popular Articles in the Digital Marketing Space

Businesses are going crazy in trying to keep up with the trends and the fast-paced shift of everything manual to digital.

But why is digital marketing important? Do you really need it in your business?

Our view at the X-Factor Digital Marketing Machine Agency -

No doubt about it --- YOU NEED it! Definitely!

Here are some of the most searched articles about the importance of digital marketing;

Customer Value Optimisation: How to Build an Unstoppable Business

This article covers Digital Marketers process on how they sell products and services in multiple niche markets and mainstream verticals. Learn the 7 steps to Customer Value Optimisation or CVO as they call it. 


Content Marketing Will Drive B2B Digital Marketing In 2016

Content Marketing as a tool to increase the visibility of Business to Business. This article emphasises the importance of social media for B2B covering several social media platforms.


7 Essential Inbound Marketing Strategies for Every Startup

Inbound Marketing is in. It’s about the effectivity of pulling customers in rather than going out and being too sales-y. The article gives great strategies for startups and small businesses that aren't necessarily expensive.


Social Media Strategy in 8 Steps

Short and precise. The article questions your purpose in getting into the social media craze and what you hope to accomplish. And the importance of going behind, analysing and getting to know the market and your competitors.


PPC Marketing: 10 Killer Tips for Better ROI

Online marketing costs a lot and every business wants to have an early ROI to get the ball rolling. This article gives tips on how to better make use of your marketing campaigns and help improve your PPC advertising.


The Ideal Length for All Online Content

Confused if your content should be a short and sweet or a lengthy one? The article helps you craft the appropriate length for every social media platforms and ALL other online content - that means from you title tags, domain name, headlines, subject lines, blog post and such!


53+ Free Image Sources For Your Blog and Social Media Posts

Images get the attention of the audience and generate more engagement rather than a simple post or tweet. The buffer provides a list of these great quality image sources you can use for social media or your blogs. And what’s even greater? It’s FREE! So check out the article and grab those photos!


15 Tools to Create Automation in Your Small Business

With so many tools we often get confused on what’s effective to our business. This article chose the widely used and I think the best among automation tools. Many of these tools are the tools we use for our clients at the X-Factor Digital Marketing Machine


10 Top Digital Marketing Automation Tools That Could Transform Your Business

Jeff Bullas wrote a great article in discussing top 10 digital marketing tools based on their algorithm. It emphasised knowing what works for your brand and what skills you specifically need for automation.


26 Ways to Use Video for Your Social Media Marketing

Do you have a cool video that you really want to show off?

Well, we all know the power of social media. If you think video marketing would showcase your brand more effectively, Social Media Examiner gives great ideas on how to make it more effective and even viral!


These resources might take some time to look over but consider trying these ideas cause every effort has great results. There are too many takeaways here that I know most of these would likely work for you! So have a go and start reading!

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