Aware of her success and failures she has made as an entrepreneur for close to 30 years...

She passionately wants to help other entrepreneurs to avoid making the same 3-mistakes she made;


  1. Doing EVERYTHING herself!
    Just because you might be able to write a copy for your webpage, landing page, emails, ebooks, social media posts, that does NOT mean you should be doing that.  On the contrary, you should be spending your time working ON building your business.
  2. Presenting Your Brand with a Stale None-Personal Corporate Voice!
    When you already have a voice (just say something and you will hear your voice)!  That voice is part of your brand, your story is part of your brand.  REMEMBER! People connect with other people - not with the company logo!  Don't hide behind your logo, be who you really are, allow your strengths to shine in your brand.
  3. Believing: "I'm not good enough, or smart enough or educated enough"
    Yes, believing in yourself. Your ability to take your brand all the way (wherever that is). Building the right team of people around you who can support you building up your business is VITALLY important.  


Rúna and her team will dedicate their time for you to:

  • Create a tailor made overall strategy that fits your budgets and goals for your brand
  • Build an online strategy that constantly brings awareness to your brand
  • Discover the X-factor in your brand, what makes your brand unique?
  • Identify your core competitors in your industry and marketplace
  • Creating and designing your future visions for your brand
  • Keeping you updated with a regular X-Factor Digital Marketing Machine overview.