About the X-Factor Digital Marketing Machine Team


Vitality Test Results: Fire - Wood - Metal

According to Nick Haines the creator of  The Vitality Test; "This profile means that she is full of 101 new ideas (Wood), loves to laugh, communicate, share and shine a light on people (Fire) and have a constant drive to find the simplest and most effective way to get the job done (Metal)."

A passionate high-achieving entrepreneur herself, founder and co-founder of brands such as; Connected-WomenBRANDit,  Make Your Mark Global, and the X-Factor Personal Branding Academy.  Rúna has experienced the highs and lows being an entrepreneur both professionally as well as in the personal development field.   




Who is Dess? Well, let's first check out Dess's Vitality Chart. She is Fire - Earth - Metal which means:  she is fiery, fun and passionate about whatever she does (Fire) tempered by a desire to understand and integrate everything and everyone needs so it all fits together nicely (Earth). Sustainability, safety and reputation is always important to her, as is legacy and meaning (Water). She won't waste resources on anything new and untested. (High Water, Lower Wood and a healthy dose of Metal).

Social Media Management and Marketing Strategy is what makes Dess shine from the inside out … well, it also happens when she is with her daughter, the apple of her eyes.

Dess is happiest when she can support small to medium sized businesses to rock their social media outreach by building awareness around their brand in the social media.   

Give Dess a digital marketing project that has a heart and meaning, and she will passionately go that extra mile to make sure your products and services will be seen and found in the digital world.



Livingstone has a magical vitality test profile with a combinations of;  Wood - Metal - Water  which means:  "He likes to be reflective and think about the deeper meaning behind his content! (Water) he is never short of ideas, but likes a good plan (Wood) and always gets the job done without any fuss or drama (High Metal with low Fire and Earth). "

A content marketer, SEO strategist, and copywriter, Livingstone will be your man providing and creating output for your business, ensuring that your brand's core message consistently connects with the hearts and minds of your target audience.

For the past 4 years, he has generated inbound marketing collateral and copy for businesses like True Glue, Femme Fatale Media, Shift Marketing Studio, and more.  

As our X-Factor Content & SEO Marketing Strategist and Copywriter, Livingstone will be putting his focus on using evocative content and airtight sales funnels to bolster your brand’s digital reach. He can’t wait to learn more about your marketing objectives.



Betina Mazzarino NCC, PCC | Our X-FACTOR values coach

Let's look at Betina's Vitality chart, Betina is a Earth - Wood - Metal - Water - Fire; Which means she has to understand and get the whole picture before she likes to act (Earth). You won’t always find her sticking to the rules, unless they are around truth and honesty  (Wood) she’ll always get the job done (Metal) with warmth and a smile (Fire) and make sure that whatever happens you’ll be remembered for what matter to you (Water).As a film executive producer for many years, Betina learned how to communicate a vision that inspires people to get working together, going in the same direction, delivering quality, and getting things done—no matter what has happened along the way.

With a creative, performing arts background emphasizes her approach for connecting in a human way to transmit a message that generates empathy and drives passion.

Through the facilitation of values as the backbone of our every daily interaction, Bettina support our clients to shape a clear identity and purpose, generate a respected identity and make meaningful choices that mold their business culture and personal well-being.

Betina will help you discover your core values, that thing that you stand for, and the rest of the X-Factor Digital Marketing team will make sure that we communicate your core values with the right set of tone and character.  That's what we call a COMPLETE DEAL!



VOURNEEN TAYLOR, the x-factor digital marketing machine inbound marketing specialist

Vourneen provides our X-Factor clients a state of the art Inbound Marketing training and consulting by delivering personalised experiences that have the power to transform in an impactful way.

She genuinely wants to empower others to reach their business goals through education and knowledge sharing.

Vourneen helps organisations to incorporate inbound marketing methodologies into existing marketing tactics, overall marketing strategy, business processes, and product usage. She delivers custom, goal-oriented inbound marketing plans for clients across a wide variety of verticals. By utilising creative consulting methods, she enables each customer to reach their inbound marketing goals.   

Rúna and Vourneen originally connected through Runa's Hubspot days. Where Vourneen was Runa's personal consultant, supporting her to build her followers and increase her profits with the renowned Inbound Digital Marketing Methodology.    

As our X-Factor Digital Marketing Machine TM Inbound Marketing Specialist (gosh that was a long one! ;-), Vourneen is responsible for our online and offline workshops and as well as indepth Inbound consultations for you and your team.